Big impact starts with a small movement. The Young Impact Creator stimulates and enables young people to positively change the world. Step by step, action by action.


Young Impact is a youth movement that is changing the world right now. There is an enormous ‘doing good’ potential among youngsters that Young Impact wants to unleash by facilitating young people to do social good. A third of all young people in the Netherlands would like to participate in voluntary initiatives, but they do not know how or where to start. 

Create an online tool that supports young people to take action, and don’t get stuck in good intentions.


We know it is hard for youngsters to discover their talents and see possibilities for change. We developed the Young Impact Creator to support and accelerate action. 

The web app gives young people insight into what they find important, simply by answering five questions. The app helps them discover their strengths and immediately translates this into simple actions that they can carry out. Users can start their own action, or participate in someone else’s. 


Under the influence of Covid-19 restrictions, the Young Impact school program has reached fewer young people than usual. Yet thousands of young people have visited the tool, with a conversion rate of around 6%. Dozens of actions have already emerged, from vegan challenges to raising money for Cancer research. 


We’ve only just released the first version of the Young Impact creator, and we’re already seeing good results. Now that we are live, we want to speed up the optimization process. And ultimately contribute even more to Young Impact’s goal to have inspired at least 1 million young people in the Netherlands by 2025 to commit themselves to another.

11.290Unique visitors
875young people Used the Young Impact Creator 
to take action
5250people Benefited from 
these actions
30.000euro Calculated impact value
12SDG’s Out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) supported